Bradley Turnbull Arranging
Nov 17

Lots of changes but still Arranging

So this is my first update in a while (6 months plus, yikes!!)...and a lot has changed. I am no longer a graduate student, no longer living on the east coast, and no longer working on anything related to medicine.

To clarify the above a little bit more: This past May I finished my PhD in Statistics, so after 9 years of continuing to be a student post high school I am finally entering the workforce. Before graduating I accepted a job with Apple and now work and live in the Bay Area.

Even though I no longer have the flexible schedule of a graduate student I do still accept requests for custom arrangements. You are also always welcome to purchase one of my many stock arrangements. I have added a few arrangements to the list so feel free to browse the selection and email me if any of the songs interest you. I am happy to edit any arrangement to better fit your unique group.

Arrangment Samples